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Who Am I

I am a Chinese, live and work in NZ, titled as Technical Specialist — Middleware and Infrastructure.

What will be covered in this blog

Websphere Application Server

Websphere Processs Server

Websphere Business Monitor


Linux (RHEL, CENTOS, SUSE, Fedora)

Web Server (Apache, Nginx, IHS and IIS)


HA (Corosync as messaging layer, pacemaker as CRM)

Database (DB2)

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DPS or Payment Express, this company breaks me!

“Everything is working fine” is the only  thing they tell you.

If unfortunately you have to work with them, my two cents would be

1 don’t make phone call, drop P1 email to their technician and the response time mostly are OK.

2 Ask your business to create a full privileged account in DPS Payment manager, setup this python monitoring script, and you are all set, because you now have full visibilities of what you are supporting!


Basically, this script will run every minutes, to get the last 20 transactions by the time the script running, and if more than 8 transaction are failed transactions, then the script will assume that DPS has significant issue or they having an issue with their uplink, for instance a BANK. and you and your team mates are now supposed to receive an email which have a html page which has all information about those failed transaction including the root cause.

for detail

Python script monitor failed transaction in DPS payment manager


I use VIM alot, to read log files, to write code, so to speed things up, I got bunch of Vim Plugins installed locally on my Fedora18 laptop, today I decided to have those customization and plugins move on to all servers I takes care of, and here is how I did it.

for detail, see

using puppet to distribute customized vim setting and plugins cross domain

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There are couple of article available on the internet explain how to using JConsole in WebSphere environment, but unfortunately most of them are not very useful.


Here is how you do it in both Windows and Linux environment and for both WebSphere 7 and 8.5.


follow instruction here

Using JConsole in WebSphere Application Server environment


using python pika lib saw something similar to this?

line 301, in _adapter_connect
    raise exceptions.AMQPConnectionError(error)
pika.exceptions.AMQPConnectionError: Connection to 23.*.*.117:5672 failed: timeout

this was due to the default TCP timeout set on rabbitmq was too short
fix as below
Python RabbitMQ pika client remote connection timeout

seen Maven return 401 and you are sure your credential are correct?

see how to fix it

Maven connect to Nexus snapshot repository and 401 returned

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need to develope websphere JMS client but told class not found and seen other exceptions?

check this out, it list all possible exception you might seen to develop a JMS client and also tells you what jar files you need

jar files needed to use WebSphere JMS clent

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